SGB is a leading provider of training and simulation components and turn-key solutions for training applications in military and commercial aviation sectors. Applications include: full flight, part task, and maintenance trainers; classroom avionics tools (start-up through shut-down and emergency trainers). We offer a range of simulation solutions for most military and commercial platforms, including M1 A1 Abrams and Stryker.

In addition to developing products based on customers’ components or system requirements and specifications, SGB has created its own line of cost effective, high fidelity integrated training solutions based around single-code, US Government owned software. Today, over 150 CAPT/E-based devices are in use around the world.

Cockpit Components | Integrated Trainers

In addition to our core components offering, SGB is also a complete product design company. We can build or refurbish your trainer to meet your requirements or partner with you to create a new product. Our team are experts in concept and requirements development. Our design solutions run from desktop academics tools (CAPT) to full-scale emergency procedural trainers (CAPT-E) with out-the-window and flight controls (CEPT-M).

SGB’s Cockpit Academics Procedural Tool (CAPT) line of products represents that small footprint, cost-effective training solution built around USG-owned software. Our systems expertise can help you realize that low cost, high fidelity solution that today’s budgetary constraints require. Let us know how our team can help you with your training needs.

Hardware Solutions

Integrated Trainers

SGB is a one stop partner for your simulation needs – if you see it in the aircraft cockpit, we have a solution for your requirement. Our vertical integration and control over core processes allows SGB to maintain best value training solutions. We can provide you with illuminated, NVIS, simulated NVIS or non-illuminated solutions and a selection of interfaces to meet your needs. Interface Protocols: USB, Ethernet TCP and UDP, Serial (RS-232/422/485),Discrete, MIL-STDS-1553, ARINC, Analog and Digital I/O.

System Solutions