SGB Enterprises, Inc. is a privately owned, custom simulation and training solutions company with a broad range of experience in training systems development and cockpit component design and manufacture. Our experienced design team includes systems engineering, mechanical and electrical design, human factors, and industrial design, and software development.

In addition to developing products based on customers’ components or system requirements and specifications, SGB has created its own integrated training solutions based around single-code, US government owned software. Hundreds of our devices are fielded and being used around the world.

Our Products

CDU 6000 Desktop Trainer
CAPT (Cockpit Avionics Procedural Tool- co-pilot/pilot station)
CAPT-E (Enhanced – full cockpit with overhead)
CAPT-EVCS (with flight controls and out the window)

System Engineering

SGB applies a rigorous and proven systems engineering methodology, which is tailored to support customer system engineering requirements. Focus areas include:

  • Requirements and Specification Development
  • Systems Definition and Product Development Management
  • System Architecture Design
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Integrated Test and Evaluation
Our systems engineering team also supports Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, and Data Management.

Hardware Design/Engineering

SGB’s hardware capabilities are extensive. We design and manufacture everything you see in a cockpit and then some.

Our engineering capabilities include Electrical and Mechanical Design, Human Factors, and Industrial Design, and Component Specification, Integration and Test. Our hardware designers and engineers have specific expertise in:

  • Electrical Drawings for cabling, connectors, and schematics; 2D and 3D component drawings
  • Installation Drawings and Specifications, Electro-Mechanical Design, Product Design and Development

Software/Interface Engineering

SGB provides a highly skilled group of software development engineers who specialize in the design, development, integration, and test of simulation components for training applications. We have specific expertise in development and integration of Simulator Host applications, simulated avionics, real-time Input/Output systems, Control Loading Systems, Aural Cueing, and Instructor Operator Stations.

Our engineering expertise spans a wide variety of Operating Systems, programming languages, networking protocols and development platforms to include:

  • Applications Development for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Operating Systems and Linux utilizing Visual Studio 2010 (.NET) and Eclipse Languages: C#, C++, C, Ada, Java
  • Interface Protocols: USB, Ethernet TCP and UDP, Serial (RS-232/422/485), MIL-STDS-1553, ARINC, Analog and Digital I/O, DIS/HLA
Capt/E Users
Hardware Solutions