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CH-47F Chinook – Total Cockpit Solutions

SGB is pleased to offer total cockpit solutions for your CH-47F training needs. We can provide our customers with illuminated, NVIS-compatible, simulated NVIS, or non-illuminated solutions for your CAAS cockpit including the MFDs, CDUs and ESIS. Our control panels utilize OEM knobs, buttons and switches as well as custom annunciators, and are available for the center and overhead consoles and main instrument panel. “We are no longer just a display and panel supplier,” commented Jeff Mello, VP of Engineering at SGB. “Our customers asked us if we could design and manufacture other products and of course we said yes.”

We now also offer a full set of mechanical controls that includes: cyclic grip and shaft, thrust controller (grip, shaft for pilot and co-pilot), MFCU hand controllers, and a fully functional engine condition panel. Interface protocols for our displays, panels, and controls include: USB, Ethernet, TCP and UDP, Serial (RS-232/422/485), MIL-STDS-1553, ARINC, and Analog and Digital I/O.

In addition to the display, panels, and controls, SGB can also supply you with fully adjustable simulated seats, foot pedals and linkages, overhead and center consoles, as well as the main instrument panel and glare-shield. Please contact Joe Padula for further information.